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Ceramics Collection for MoMA store

3ds Max | Keyshot | Vray | Photoshop


Modern functional ceramics with a touch of irony, designed for the MoMA store.

The set is composed of 3 black ceramic figurines, each inspired by a wild animal and their stereotypes. Their purpose is to make your living space more delightfully functional & unique.


Scented Oil Warmer


Stationary Holder


60m Timer

WildWorks was selected as the winner class project by a panel of six design industry experts.


Ornamentation that goes beyond pure aesthetics.


This piece plays on the smelly skunk stereotype by housing a scented oil warmer in the interior and releasing the pleasant scents through an opening in the tail.

Beyond the form.

Making no compromises in the functionality, the internal components have been designed to be provide ideal scent diffusion, easy manipulation & cleaning. The internal elements of the piece are a major component of the user interaction and thus a crucial contributor to the overall product perception.

Diffusing tray

removable scented oil tray

1½ cups



conventional size


Not known for their speed and agility, this piece plays on the turtle's timeliness stereotype by housing an internal 60 minute timer, to help you keep track of any time sensitive activities. Especially useful in the kitchen.

Inside the shell.

Placed at the center of the base, a precise 60 min winding timer counts down the time, ending with a discernible bell ring. 

To activate the timer, the top shell must be spun counter-clockwise to the desired indicator to start the countdown. The roughness of the stone provides great grip even with wet hands, reinforcing the functionality philosophy that drives this ceramic collection.


Instead of sharp barbs meant to "poke", this piece features soft flexible rods that are designed to hold pointy objects like pens or flat object like business cards or reminder notes, thus reversing the stereotypical function of a porcupine's barbs.

Cleverly organized.

Flexible rubber coated rods suspend a wide range of stationary objects, storing them within view in a new clever way. This piece is the perfect companion at any work desk or living room to keep pens, notes and even envelopes, discreetly organized.


From sketch to mock-up

The WildWorks collection was developed through several sketch iterations, hand clay modelling, polygon mesh modelling to fine tune the details, prototyped with powder 3D printing technology, and finally brought to a finished look.

Initially, the figurine shape design was developed by hand using white clay, to get a better sense of the proportions and the required mass distribution for the piece to be able to stand by itself and perform its desired function. Afterwards, the surfacing was sculpted in 3ds Max. The shells were 3D printed using a powder printer, reinforced, and hand finished.

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